Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hey ,

Sorry stalker , I didnt update my blog a few days ago because I got some internet problems . Haha and again , Im sorry :D Hihi I slept at Mushi's house for 2 days 1 night . We watched movie at Jusco , we watched Kongsi . Amazingg <3 Haha then we spent our time together with books . Damn ! Speaking about books , I had my exam today , I had my Kemahiran Hidup and Pendidikan Jasmani papers . Well so far I can do both of it . In class , I spent my time with Daven , he taught me about chinese :D Hihi I asked him to wrote a senteces that I gave him and he translated it to chinese . Hihi I might use all the words that Daven gave me . Haha I try to find my charger , but I didnt found it . Haihh battery already low -___- Hm tonight I have tuition , damn ! Im gonna meet Akem , aww I miss you sayang ! My lunch already call me , toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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