Monday, May 16, 2011

Hey ,

I just read my enemy blog , hihi Im not a stalker okay . I stalk her blog because just now I open someone blog then I remember about my enemy;s blog so then I open it . Hahah seriously you're so annoying . I have boyfriend too but Im not gedik like you . Euww seriously you're such a bitch , gedik sana gedik sini . Euww muka dah lah mcm jamban tk siap -.-' Okay Aina , enough ! Haha okay now Im texting with Akem's brother , hihi for the first time . And lastnight Akem's sister called me :D We talked for 5 minutes , hahahahhaha his family are so sporting . Hahahaa but where's Akem ? -__- Ibu already call me to eat for lunch . Hihi toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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