Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey ,

I just wanna tell that I hate you . You're my friend but not anymore . I just like your attitude . Cant you just stop being a copycat . There's a lot things you can do but why you choose to copy other poeple's style ir whtever . If I like something , you wanna like too . If I buy something , you wanna but it too . Kalau boleh semua benda nk sama ! My fav stores also you want to go . What kind a girl you are ? I hate it okay , seriously . It just liek you dont have a life ! Stop being a copycat please ! This post are credit to one girl that doesnt have a life *harap je bertudung ! Okay today my day are not so wonderfull . It being ruin by Mustaqeem and that Bitch ! Err so my dad took off for 3 days , wuhuu . I have to study if not , I'll be grounded ! Got to go , he's coming up !

Aina Azman :)

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