Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey ,

Im having an exam today . English 1 and 2 , well Im not so afraid with paper 1 because as you guys know I love English <3 But sometimes my English sucks right but atleast Im trying . Hihi Im afraid with my English 2 paper , damn ! Haha okay I just took my lunch and now Im waiting for Akem to reply my text . Wuhuuu he said he gonna give me money to buy what I like . Mybe around RM 200 or RM 150 . I love you sayang if what you told is true lahh . Hahahah but I know you'll never let me down right . Hihi freaking bored here , fuhh tmrrw Saturday means I dont have exam to take . Why do have an exam ? Haihh Im kinda sleepy , toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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