Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey ,

Sorry for the late updating . Hihi I've got some problem with my internet and yesterday blogger cannot open . Dont know why , it's okay lah . Haha I just wanna tell how happy am I with Akem right now . I asked for a RM 5 topup but he gave me RM 30 topup . I dont know how to thanked him . Hm anyway thank you so much sayang , you give eerything I want <3 Hihi okay my mum went to Nilai Spring because her office made an activity like treasure hunt so she went to Nilai Spring for 2 days . Im not following her so I'll sleep at my cousin's house , Wawa :) Hihi well just wanna tell that everyday Im texting with Jin Yue , my second love . Hahahahahaha he's a chinese boy that I met I school . Good looking , I dont think he's from a rich family but who knows right . Hhaha but my heart only have Akem lah <3 Hahah his Monday , Im gonna take pictures of my stuff that I wanna sell . Not just my stuuf , Bella and Wawa's stuff also have . Haha so just wait okay <3 Hahahhaha got to go , toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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