Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey ,

I came to school with a good mood , but when I entered my class everything ruin my mood . First because of my teacher , she didnt teach us anything . She just give some notes , atleast explain to us . Haihh midyear exam just around the corner , dont blame us when we failed . It's all because of you ! Second because of Akem . Dont ask why , dont have any mood to tell :( Hm how could you ? You'll feel the same when I do the same thing that you did . I have no choice , sorry tonight I cant meet you . Hm okay Bella and I plan to make a cover song with Nina Qistina because she know how to play guitar . Hihi but not sure when :P Haha Akem called me just know , serious I dont have any mood to on the phone or texting -.- Hm he doesnt know that Im mad at him . You dont have to know !!!!!

Aina Azman :)

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