Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hey ,

Hihi Akem and I already get back together like before . I mean close like before <3 Hihi sorry everythings sayangg , senang cerita kita berdua salahh k . Hahah okay sorry because I oversleep lastnight , you lambat sngt . Smpai tertidur I -___-' By the way , thanks for wishing Happy Mothers Day to my ibu . Haha ibu said thank you so much :D Haha okay my ibu already go to KL , dont know why . Err malas nk ikut :0 so I just stay at home , updating tumblr and blog , facebook-ing and many more . But my mum didnt cook anything , woww I can slim for one day -.-' I watched Akademi Fantasia 9 lastnight , fuck how come Afif can dismiss ? I cant accept it ! They said they wanted the best for the last season , eh hello Afif best oky . The one that should be dismiss is Kay or Nera . Euwwww loser betul !! Okay Im out of here , television time <3

Aina Azman :)

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