Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey ,

Seriously I felt extremely tired . Damn , Fyza and Wawa not coming to my house and please dont ask me why . I dont know -__- After out Seminar at KCM finished , like usualy we take our slippers but just now someone put something wet in Fyza's slipper , wet tissue I think . Pity her , one of the boys said that Akem did that but then Akem told me that Izzul did that . Hm if really Akem did that , Im sorry Fyza for Akem's side :( Dont mad at me pleaseeee . Hm Akem already met my mom , dad , my both brothers and one of my cousins . Hehe he's so shy at first but then , he made my house like his house -.- Hahaha he came here by his Fixie . Haha Fixie you buruk lah sayang !! Hahhaha I felt so happy today but Wawa and Fyza did not coming to my house . Hm :( Fyza , please dont mad at me . I called you then you answer my call like errr . Dont know what to say . Sorry to say lah , you mad at my boyfriend but why should you mad at me ? Come on lah Fyza , Im sorry if I did something wrong at you k :) I hope you read this and think about it carefully . Back to our main topic , just now my house full with childrens , old people , teenagers ,and many more . Hahah so crowded :/ I cant stop thinking about Fyza , damn is she mad at me ? But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? Haihhh sorry Fyzaaa :(

Aina Azman :)

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