Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hey ,

I just got back from school , tired . Wuhh I met Fiqrie and Arif , hehe Arif asked for my Folio Geografi and I said I forgot to bring :D Hahah sorry yaww . I'll bring it tomorrow okay :) Hm Akem already got his phone , I means PHONES . Hahaha he have 4 phone in his hands now because his phones has been took by his teacher for 4 times . Haha silly lah you , now he said that he want to give me one of his phones . Just the cokia one lahh . Hahah I havent take my lunch yet , wuhuu hungryy :( Haha mybe this 5 pm Im going to Dju Cafe with Hafiz , Fathin and Aqif . Maybe lahh , hahaha because I feel lazy to get up from this chair . Damnn get up AINA !! Okay now hungryy , toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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