Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hey ,

My auntt already here , well a few of them . Haha this afternoon my family and I are busy with 'OPERASI RUMAH' . Hahah fucking tired with all the dust , arranged all the chair , table , sofa and all the stuff . Wuhuu but thank god I've done my work :P Aziq didnt do anything , fuck you !! Okay 2 days I didnt on the phone with Akem because Akem's teahcer took his phone . Why are you so stupid haa Akem ? How many times should I told you , dont bring your phone to school . Haihh now we cant on the phone even text :( I miss you ! Hm my friends keep telling me to cut my hair because my hair is too long . Err Im not sure lah guys , I want to cut my hair but I love it . Im afraid to cut it . Gotta go !

Aina Azman :)

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