Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey ,

Okay today I had so much fun at school . The boy's group battle with the girl's group . Hahah no one win -.- Hahahha the dancers for girl's group are Bella and myself . And for the boy's group are Zareef and Hafiz . Fucking funny and I cant stop laughing . Hahahaha okay I saw Jin Yue so many times todayy , woww she's so cute <3 I wonder if he likes me . Hahahhahah ingat Akem lahh Aina . Hihi I met Naim infront of the school then I asked him if there any Teka Teki to ask me then he said no but he got something to show me . After that he took something in his pocket and he show me a newspaper and there is his name . Hahaha on the paper was wrote "NAIM BOLEH !" . Hahahahah Nina and I laugh out loud . Hahahahahhaha so funny lah you Naim :P Hahaha stop laughing ainaaa ! Hahaha oh god , I miss Akem so much :( Sorry sayang , I ran out of credit and I dont have any money in my purse . Im broke :( Oh yeah , Im going to sell my clothes and pants that I never wear . Skinny jeans , skirt , tank top , singlet , tshirt and many more . So wait for the pictures , I will sell with lower price . Haha if anyone of you interested , just inbox me at Facebook okayy :)

Aina Azman :)

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