Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey ,

I just got back from tuition . Damn tired and the worst part is my tuition already got a discipline teacher . He is Puan Jamilah's husband . His name is Nasir -.- Seriously I hate him , doesnt you know how to smile to someone that smile at you ? Loser punya orang ! All you know is scold people that didnt do anything wrong . Hey what's your problem dude ? Haihh okay today at tuition I didnt understand what my Sir teach me . Not so lahh , just few . Hm I dont know what's wrong with me ? Wake up ainaaa , PMR just around the corner !! Okay chill aina , hm . Just now , I waited for Akem infront of his class but his teacher let the whole class get out a little bit late . Dont know why 0.0 So Atikah and I decided to go down stairs without them , for the first time I think . Hahaha today Im not talking with Akem too much , why ehh ? :( Haihh tomorrow k sayangggg <3 Haha but dont know why I felt like both of us ignore each other -___-' Nahhh you didnt ask to meet me , you didnt call my name . You're so different tonight :( Not in mood , toodles :(

Aina Azman :)

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