Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey ,

Well nothing special today . Im going to Dju Cafe with Ilya , Am , Fathin , Luqman and Hafiz today around 3 pm . Err lepakingg lah , apa lagi :D Haha I dont know what to write anymore . Haha oh yeah , lasnight saw Fiqrie and Qie holding hand each other . I hate you Fiqrieee ! Ahhh I dont want to talk to you anymore ! Go ahead with your Qie , morron ! Okay I had a fight with Akem just now , he said that he not coming to tuition tonight . Okayy fine , as you wish . If you dont want to come , I dont even care !! * But actually I really want you to come :( I hope you'll come tonight . Hm so Im going to sleep now , extremely tired . I'll wake up on 3 pm :) Toodles .

Aina Azman :)

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