Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hey ,

I want to tell you about Fiqrie today . Hihi :P while Im busy gossiping with my friends , I overheard Epy told Ilya that Fiqrie had a big fight with Aiman Landak -.- They had a fight because of QIE . Qie told Aiman about Fiqrie ! Listen here Qie , Fiqrie doesnt bother your life right ! But why should you told Aiman about Fiqrie ? Hello , get a life bitch ! Fiqrie doesnt want you anymore , you already have Aiman right so dont you dare bother Fiqrie's life ! Loserrrrr -.- Qie , you're a friend to me but I cant accept if this is your real attitude . Plays with boy's heart , mirror yourself . Okay done about Fiqrie , change to Arif . Haha I gave Arif my Geografi Folio , as he wish for . Err and for the first time I talked with him about 5 minutes . I think we never talked that long right ? Hahaha later we meet again k Arif <3 Hahah okay like usually , I havent take my lunch yet , Im on diet lahh . Hahah oh yeah , like I said on my previous post that Im a guy . Yes , Im a guy and my name is Aiman not Aina okayy . Clear then ? Good :D Im going to watch Marimar now , toodles <3

Aina Azman :)

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